Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM 2013 online small


Being small doesn't mean that you need second-rate solutions!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a very flexible product that can be easily customised to suit your unique business processes. Whether you are looking to track your sales opportunities, automate targeted marketing campaigns or improve your customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides so much more than just a centralised business contact database.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a great fit for small business. It can help you to:Access Microsoft CRM on mobile devices

  • Increase sales performance
  • Dashboards to visualise performance of your teams
  • Measure audience response and improve marketing effectiveness
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Make more informed business decisions
  • Manage support case
  • Reports to see how your business is performing
  • Built to run on mobile devices for todays mobile workers

With a CRM system you can deliver a quality of personalised service that the largest organisations would envy. By choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM you are choosing an intuitive system that your staff understand because it integrates seamlessly with Outlook.

Microsoft has entered a new era with never seen before product enhancements at a staggering pace. Microsoft see the cloud as the future and is allowing SMB access to products that were once out of the reach both from a technical and cost perspective. By moving to the Microsoft cloud solutions your backups are now taken care off and product enhancements are rolled out to your programs on a regular basis.