Support & Obsolescence Policy

 ACT! versions supported by ACT!

ACT! support the current version and the two (2) most immediate previous versions of ACT!. This ensures that as new releases become available, clients can upgrade at a time suitable to their business. Support, including product fixes, will not be provided in versions earlier than the current and the two (2) most previous versions. The below versions of ACT! are supported at this time.

  • ACT! 2014 products including ACT! Pro 2014 and ACT! Premium 2014
  • ACT! 2013 products including ACT! Pro 2013 and ACT! Premium 2013
  • ACT! 2012 (version 14.x) products including ACT! Pro 2012 and ACT! Premium 2012

 Product Obsolescence Policy

ACT! versions earlier than and including 2011 (13.0) are no longer officialy supported by ACT! however The Contact Group will assist you where possible.